Services & Rates

Doggy Boarding

Your pet's comfort and your peace of mind is the point. The experience begins with an in-person consultation at your home. It's a meet and greet for all of us. At Spa Boarding we strive to keep your pet's daily routine the same as it is at your home. Everything – walking times, likes, and dislikes, special needs – is discussed in detail.

To accommodate maintaining your pet's routines and habits, rates begin at $50.00 per night. 

Basic dog Spa Boarding includes:

Long walks through dog friendly scenic trails

Swimming in natural streams and lakes

Grooming appointments (rates on request)

In-home attention tailored to just what your dog is used to at home

Daily updates on your dog's stay.

We can also bring the Spa to your home. Rates on request.

cats count too!

We can tailor your cat's needs to your trip purr-fectly

Your initial consultation is about learning your cat's routines and matching them.

Rates – $15.00 per hourly visit, plus travel. Rates vary for multiple cats.
(Includes evaluation for TV & Film)

Coming soon, we will be offering Spa Boarding for cats.

Additional Treatments

During you and your pets initial consultation we can discuss the additional upgrade services available during your pets Spa days. 


Essentials for easy living with your dog. Sit.Stay.Down and COME!

Fix My Problem

We deal with any issues like leash pulling, barking, jumping.


We can house train your dog. 

Trick Training

Lots of fun behavior like high fives , fist bumps, sit pretty, speak and more.

Holistic Treatments

Your pet can be given hands-on and remote energy treatments from healers who have helped pets' chronic or short term health issues.

Star Treatment

We can evaluate your dog's potential for commercial work and begin the training needed to fulfill it. A headshot will be provided and a special owner consultation on how to enter the world of a working pet is included.  


Additional fees for these upgrades vary. They will be discussed at your initial consultation.